Utah Disaster Specialists Conduct Water Damage Cleanup in North Salt Lake Utah

January 14, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Utah Disaster Specialists, based in Centerville, Utah, have announced that they are currently performing a water damage cleanup North Salt Lake Utah job. There was a water leak inside a wall between the laundry room and a common room as a result of a nail puncturing a drain pipe inside the wall during a remodeling job. The water leak was not noticed for a long time with the result that the wall had been filled with mold when the homeowner attempted to do the repairs himself. After realizing that there is a large amount of mold in the wall, he decided to call for professional help. Containment was set up by Utah Disaster Specialists and they started the mold removal process. The job is currently ongoing.

Daryl Olsen, president of Utah Disaster Specialists, says, “The homeowner did right when he decided to ask for the help of professionals after noticing the amount of mold hidden in the wall. The right equipment and experience are needed to take care of mold in the home properly. You wouldn’t want mold spores to spread around the home, possibly causing health problems for the family members. If you notice water damage and mold, call on the professionals immediately. The sooner you call, the quicker technicians can begin the remediation process and prevent further damage to the home. This also helps increase your chances of having the property restored to pre-loss conditions.”

Utah Disaster Specialists provide water damage cleanup for various situations. These include flooded basement cleanup, ice damming, pipe leak cleanup, and wet carpet cleanup. The job being done at the home in North Salt Lake Utah is a pipe leak cleanup. This situation has to be remedied as soon as possible to prevent the rotting of wood, which can result into more expenses for the homeowner. First of all, the leaking pipes have to be repaired or replaced. The experts from Utah Disaster Specialists can safely get rid of any water in the home due to pipe leaks and perform mold testing and then mold removal if mold is detected. Homeowners are advised not to wait too long to have the problem resolved because it can get worse over time.

Meanwhile, flooded basements are common occurrences but are difficult situations nevertheless. This requires the assistance of professionals who have the proper tools and equipment. A substantial amount of water could have accumulated in the basement and it is virtually impossible for homeowners to get rid of all that water through conventional means like using buckets. There is also the problem of having to dry out saturated wood and sheetrock that may also be down there in the basement.

The cleanup team from Utah Disaster Specialists would use a sump pump to start removing the water after ascertaining that the source of the flooding has been stopped. Using a sump pump that can usually go through one of the small windows at the top of basement walls, the water in the basement can be pumped out quickly to minimize the damage. This is because the longer the water is allowed to remain in there, the more likely that it will have saturated deep into the material in the basement, resulting into potential problems like dry rot and mold. Once all of the water has been removed, the cleanup professionals will start drying the basement area, using industrial heaters and high-powered fans. This process may require a number of days, depending on the amount of lumber in the basement area. The next step would be to check for mold. If mold is detected, they will perform a mold removal process. They will also check for the possibility of dry rot and make some recommendations for that.

Those who are interested in water damage remediation and other services from Utah Disaster Specialists can check out their website or contact them through the telephone or via email. Their service areas include Layton, Park City, Lehi, Salt Lake City, Provo, and Ogden.


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