Ultra-Portable Kids’ Gymnastics Balance Beam by Springee Officially Launches

Springee has recently launched a new, ultra-portable gymnastics balance beam. Small enough to fit in a backpack, this innovative kids’ gymnastics equipment allows gymnasts to practice and train almost anywhere.

March 14, 2019 —

WASHINGTON, DC: Springee has recently launched a new, ultra-portable gymnastics balance beam. Small enough to fit in a backpack, this innovative kids’ gymnastics equipment allows gymnasts to practice and train almost anywhere.

Springee’s core mission is to create ground breaking gymnastics equipment that makes it possible to expand a child athlete’s potential. They have worked closely with coaches and high-level gymnasts to address the unique challenges that come from the need to practice gymnastics at home, while making this training safe and productive.

According to a Springee press representative, “Kids’ gymnastics equipment should be made so that it is convenient, affordable, and safe to practice on the go. We gather knowledge and experience from scientists, product designers, gymnasts and coaches to ensure that our gymnastics equipment is made sustainably and backed with expertise. In doing so, we have created a new ultra-portable balance beam that will revolutionize how future champion gymnasts’ practice. Whether it be warming up at a meet, or practicing at a friend’s house after school, this balance beam fulfills our mission of expanding a child athlete’s potential.”

Their new, highly versatile and portable balance beam has been created with their mission in mind. Constructed of extra-firm EVA foam, the balance beam is covered in highly durable faux suede and consists of a non-slip base with 7,000 gripper dots. In addition to providing a good line reference in basic practice, multiple beams can be linked for advanced skills and a variety of routines. Future Olympic champions can easily fold the balance beam up so that it fits seamlessly into their backpack or gym bag, taking it virtually anywhere they go.

Future Olympic champions and their loved ones have welcomed Springee’s new portable balance beam with enthusiasm and praise. One happy parent states,

“This is perfect for my busy 8-year-old daughter, who loves to practice and show off her gymnastics skills. She can literally take this beam anywhere she wants! The covering is almost identical to her club beam, so her confidence on it is through the roof. I love that she has a piece of gymnastics equipment that is portable, safe, and easy to bring along wherever she goes. She’s already making huge improvements. Thank you for providing us with such a well-thought out product, Springee!”

To learn more about Springee’s ultra-portable balance beam and their full line of products, visit https://springee.me.

About Us:
Springee has worked with coaches and high level gymnasts to address the unique challenges that come from the need to practice at home – making this training safer and more productive.

712 H St NE Unit #882 Washington, DC 20002

Contact Info:
Name: Steve Harjula
Email: info@springee.com
Phone: 1-888-813-1694
Organization: Springee

Release ID: 492593

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