Rapper Metay achieves much recognition in trap music with his highly professional musical creations

New York, May 22, 2020 (Issuewire.com) - Hear out the outstanding UK rapper Metay who with his unusual hip-hop compositions has succeeded to create a name for himself in the industry. The talented trap artist has stylishly expressed himself through his catchy upbeat songs and brings together a likable and charismatic vibe with his creations. Being only 20 years old, the rapper has already proved his worth as a world star hip-hop influence who with his addictive verses and vocal twists has cleverly reached onto the top of his rap game. His compositions are easy-going and take his melodic voice to new heights. The artist asserts witty control on the mic as he delivers his words with much precision and clarity. All his creations stand out for its intricate harmonies and lush soundscapes that push the repetitive boundaries laid by hip-hop.

His latest release 'Gucci Gas' is a melodic hip-hop narration that beautifully highlights the New York rapper's thorough rap talent. His vocal prowess combined with engaging rap beat is something that captures the listener's attention from different angles. It's both tender and bold, both energetic and focused. The rapper's singing ability gives his soundtracks a unique perspective based on several creative elements, and his natural musical acuity allows him to navigate through the sound with uncommon grace. Few other songs in which Metay has shown outstanding rap caliber are Friend Zone, Back To You, Darkest Secret, and Dangerous. All the songs offer a compelling and unapologetic taste of the rapper's smooth-flowing musicality and resonate long for its genuineness.

Hailing from Brooklyn, the rapper crafts his music under the label Ruth records limited as he drives his inspiration from 50 Cent to make his stunning tracks. His biggest influence includes Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, and Motown artists as he moves forward to become the greatest hip-hop gem of his generation. Listen to him on Soundcloud, Spotify, and YouTube, and follow him on Instagram for more details.

Check out https://soundcloud.com/realmetay


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