Most Popular Food Trucks In Arizona Now Provide Scheduling Services For Community Events

December 02, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Phoenix, Arizona based Roadside Kitchens Arizona has announced that they are now providing scheduling services for community events. The leading food truck catering company partners with numerous food trucks in Arizona to offer professional event organizers the catering they need to help make their events a success.

Speaking on behalf of the company, Marjorie Maxey says, “People always comment on the quality and variety of food at events they attend. We aim to ensure maximum enjoyment and provide a fun way for gourmet food to be enjoyed at any social event, no matter how large or small. We have seen how people love to take the time to enjoy a variety of street foods from all over the world, and we offer specialized catering for those who require gluten-free nutrition. Our mobile bars have been a big hit for parties and weddings, making sure there is always a refreshing drink on hand.”

For caterers and event planners alike, working with RoadsideKitchens has many advantages. Those who have gone into business without the overhead of a permanent location can extend their bookings to many places they would never have had the time to even think about. For event and wedding planners, working with Roadside Kitchens means they have the widest variety of food available to suit their clients demands. This is due to the fact that staff, cocktail tables, utensils, and other event essentials will be provided as necessary.

Hosts do not need to worry about the quality and availability of the food either, as the food truck caterers handle every detail by themselves. One big advantage of using Roadside Kitchens is that their customers can customize their own menu, and the company is always ready to discuss logistics in order to come up with a schedule.

Roadside Kitchens take care of all the hard work, which is one of the reasons that they are one of the most prominent choices in the region, providing excellent customer care that delights even the most demanding client. Furthermore, those attending the event, be it an office party, birthday, wedding, and so on know that the Roadside Kitchen food trucks provide the best food to be found.

Through their newly launched website, any property manager or event planner who wants to book their food trucks can simply dial their toll free number or use their online service to get an estimate for their event. Since they negotiate the best rates and coordinate logistics, anyone planning an event knows that the company’s food trucks will show up with everything they need to make sure every guest at the venue enjoys their food. Roadside Kitchens Arizona takes care of many kinds of events, including Corporate, Productions, Conferences, Weddings, Parties, and even more intimate settings.

Corporate organizers rely on their fast, reliable, and quality catering wherever they need it. For everything from a mobile coffee bar to a celebration of the fusion of Asian and Western cuisine, Roadside Kitchens Arizona can help ensure that the food will earn top marks.

Although the spring and summer seasons have traditionally seen the biggest use of food trucks at outdoor events, the fall and winter season is seeing a rise in the demand to continue the “no headache” food variety that food trucks offer. Everything from specialty coffee bars and sweet treats on the go to the full spread of ready-to-eat food on the go is bound to increase over the coming season.

Maxey stated, “We help our local community events save money because food truck catering is price competitive. It’s a win-win-win for everyone; the community organizers get great menu at a price they can afford and our caterers get the opportunity to see just how much those attending the events appreciate the food they provide."

Those who want to use Roadside Kitchens are encouraged to call the toll free number directly from the website to speak with a customer service representative. Similarly, customers may use the company’s website to get an estimate for any of their upcoming events.


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