Mike Marko Publishes on Ways to Effectively Promote Facebook Page

June 12, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Mike Marko with IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, Ohio has announced the publication of his new post for business entrepreneurs. He says that this post talks about how a Facebook page works. In addition, Marko advises readers on what needs to be avoided to promote Facebook page the right way.

In this article, Marko discusses Facebook page marketing and how to do it more effectively. He also discusses strategies to promote a Facebook business while trying to keep down expenses. In addition, Marko discusses some reasons why Facebook is important for business marketing. He says that business owners should have a Facebook page since it exposes the business to potential customers. Furthermore, marketers can have a Facebook page rank in Google, which further increases their chances of getting customers online.

Marko mentions that though there’s a lot of competition, business owners always have a chance to gain exposure when they get on Facebook. In addition, Marko says that they can do this even on a limited budget. That is what Marko discusses in this post about ways to promote business on Facebook with less cost.

The first tip that Marko shares is clicking “Suggest to Friends”. According to him, this is considered one of the easiest ways to promote a Facebook page. Marko also mentions other ways to promote a Facebook page. He urges business owners to add a link to a page in emails, ask Twitter followers to like a page, invest in Facebook Ads, put a link to it in their personal Facebook profile, and promote it in YouTube videos.

Marko tells readers that they can promote their Facebook pages by making them visually attractive. He also touts this as an ideal way to acquire more likes. Marko points out that people often follow pages that have engaging images and display photos since they indicate authority. He further mentions using interactive apps on a Facebook page since it encourages engagement. Furthermore, Marko advises that readers consider adding a Facebook Like Box. Marko claims that using widgets like these can help a business owner promote his company’s Facebook page.

“Online marketing is different from the traditional way of advertising,” Marko asserts. “You have to learn to use multiple tools and channels even on a single platform. You also have to take a somewhat different approach, because marketing on the Web isn’t easily comparable to marketing on traditional media.”

He says that many business marketers fail to realize this. So they approach online business marketing as though it were equivalent to traditional marketing. Marko cautions that this may lead to mistakes that can gravely harm a business’s digital marketing plans. To prevent that possibility in Facebook page marketing, Marko suggests avoiding using a personal Facebook account in business promotion.

“It’s fine to put a link leading to your business’s official page in your personal account,” he clarifies. “But you can’t run your business’s Facebook marketing using your personal account. A personal account can’t stand in for a proper business page. It can lead to a lot of confusion.”

He also notes that personal Facebook profiles do not provide analytics. Given the importance of analytics in marketing, Marko deems that a serious handicap for any business.

The next reminder for business owners that Marko discusses is to avoid using another’s group to overtly market a business. He points out that business owners may find themselves wasting time trying to use groups to promote their businesses. That is because users make groups for them to easily interact with each other. Inserting blatant marketing or promotional messages into that experience means ruining the group for others and possibly driving customers away.

Marko also advises avoiding using shortened URLs. He says that though shortened URLs can be useful on Instagram or Twitter, Facebook users are likely to engage more with uncondensed URLs. Aside from avoiding shortened URLs, Marko also encourages business owners to avoid posting too much about their products/services. He points out that doing this can annoy users, who may feel they’re being spammed with advertisements or sales pitches. Instead, Marko speaks about focusing on community building and creating posts that are relevant to the business. In addition, he says business owners should publish content when most of their Facebook friends are most active. Furthermore, he advises giving loyal customers exclusive offers to increase engagements.

The last tip that Marko mentions in this article is to keep a healthy relationship with the customers. That means business owners should not ignore messages and comments. Marko says that if business owners take time to respond to their audience’s remarks, they will build loyalty and support. He says that online business success sometimes depends on the level of engagement they garner on social media.

Marko and his company IM Consultant Services offer a number of solutions to small and medium-sized business owners. They offer services from website design and social media marketing strategies to reputation management and more. He says that he and his team are available to consult with businesses to help them to better determine their specific business needs. In addition, they can help businesses launch advertising campaigns and reach their targeted audiences.

Marko mentions that his newest post was designed to educate marketers on how to profitably and effectively use Facebook for business. He says that those who are interested can go to his website and read his other posts. He says that anyone who is looking for quality SEO and similar services to help them grow their business can contact IM Consultant Services to schedule a consultation. Marko and his team offer a wide range of services and he provides one-on-one consultations to develop a more customized approach to business growth needs. Marko says that those who are interested in learning more can visit their company on their official website or contact them directly by email or by phone.


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