Khoja Consultants invites companies for a USD $100,000,000 job

Ontario, May 22, 2020 ( - Providing a huge opportunity to hospitality and security companies, Khoja Consultants invites applications for a six months long international job, for which, the company will be paid a non-negotiable amount of USD 100,000,000. The selected company will be providing all accommodations for a 6 month long trip around the world. The entire payment will be done after the completion of the 6 months.

The founder and owner, Suleman Khoja is making world history in business. He is offering 3% of the total payment i.e. USD $3,000,000 for those who can help him, find the right team or company for this job. People are free to share the notification of this job thorough media, social media platforms, or blogs and ask companies or teams to apply for the work mentioning referrals. Interested companies can apply for the job by email at or contacting through Text on 14164538055 or by visiting -. Don't forget to mention the referrer on the application.

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