Global Launch of Blockchain Enterprise UTOPIA

Cryptocurrency Experts Reshaping the Financial Landscape with a Truly Decentralized Community
Bangkok, Thailand, November 7, 2019 - Utopia, a new player in the blockchain industry, is making its first global presence in Bangkok, Thailand. On November 20th, 2019, Utopia’s global launch event will be hosted by its Thailand community.

A new site has been launched previously by Utopia for experienced cryptocurrency investors and newbies who want to learn more about creating a strong, steady passive income. The site offers practical information and training on how to utilize the correct Bitcoin investment strategy, along with an affiliate program, to create well above-average returns.
Why Did We Create Utopia?
In the existing world money works for the banks, producing profit for them as the public utilizes the currency. They can issue more currency and the public will happily pay the banks more money to use it. In this way, the public is serving the money and the money is serving the banks. This is how the centralized financial system creates a hierarchy and maintains the gap between the rich and the poor.
“Today, we have the opportunity to apply blockchain technology and spirit to build a new financial system that is independent of the existing financial system and exists in the virtual online world. Everyone is an owner in the system where contributions are rewarded equably. This is a new system of fairness and integrity. The system also represents the voice of most people around the world. People will be happy because they make money easily”, said Utopia CEO, Shaun Mendes.
The origin of Utopia
Originated from the concept of ideal world proposed by Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher, Utopia claims that it is striving to build a new, ideal digital ecosystem and apply blockchain technology to secure everyone’s involvement in the running of the enterprise. But what does the new, ideal digital ecosystem look like?
Well, it looks like an ideal world, since it returns to the model of “money serves people.” With blockchain as its fundamental technology, Utopia possesses the underlying qualities of transparency, equality and reliability. Utopia claims that there’s no exploitation, no manipulation, and no money in the form of today’s currency. 

Utopia combines with BTC to reach global consensus and belief
What Is Utopia’s Grand Strategy?
With hundreds of thousands of global users, Utopia is dedicated to creating a new form of financial and social networks. Utopia is said to run by everyone in its network. To reach a broader consensus, Utopia combines its development with BTC. It is anticipated that it will jointly popularize BTC and promote the growth of BTC/USD exchange rate. Meanwhile, Utopia distributes 100 percent of its profits to all of those who have a consensus on the idea of Utopia.
The birth of Utopia resulted from BTC, and the birth of BTC resulted from people’s wish to sort out the problems caused by the existing finance and currency system. As an unprecedented breakthrough, the underlying technology of bitcoin is gradually establishing the new financial order. Whilst Utopia is not only a firm supporter of the financial order, but also a forward innovator. Utopia is an "ideal world" created by bitcoin believers and holders all over the world, whose goal is to popularize bitcoin, promote the growth of BTC/USD exchange rate, and distribute 100 percent its revenue to every Utopia idea disseminator.
The total amount of bitcoins in circulation is only 21 million, and the number will never increase again. At present, more than 17 million bitcoins have been mined out, among which about 4-4.5 million can’t be found due to the loss of private key. Thus, only about 13 million are actually in circulation. As the wind vane of blockchain economy, bitcoin now has the most extensive consensus in the world. Based on blockchain technology, big data, cryptographic algorithm and so on, Utopia has built a super self-reliant financial system driven by the financial system of bitcoin consensus and trust, so that every bitcoin participant can obtain huge victory benefits.
Utopia is a new highlight of the digital world
The great thing about bitcoin is that it breaks the centralization of currency and introduces cryptocurrency and blockchain to the world. Whilst Utopia is to break the financial barrier of the world, build a new system of global digital blockchain assets, and popularize BTC through accurate calculation and reasonable economic model.
Utopia achieves a high level of global consensus via taking BTC as the underlying application, and realizes a decentralized blockchain world via implementing the multi-signature mechanism of BTC.
The BTC assets deposited by each user of Utopia will be jointly owned by 10 + N members, and there will be no such problems as central control and run-away.
In the world of Utopia, everyone is the owner. In order to make Utopia develop better, based on the reliable economic model on the blockchain, Utopia designed the daily interest rate and annual compound interest rate targeting different needs of participants, ensuring the sustainable income of all participants and the long-term and stable development of Utopia.
Utopia assets adopt bitcoin multi-signature mechanism to ensure the safety of each participant’s assets. Only by the agreement of 66.66% of the users participating in the multi-signature account can one withdraw the assets in Utopia. Utopia is dedicated to the realization of true decentralization and everyone’s participation in the management of the new world of Utopia.
The future is at the corner. Utopia is quietly changing the world and our lives with blockchain technology and its unique development concept. 
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