BBonus is a professional financial trading platform in the world, providing Blockchain Financial Services and committing to build a whole new platform of Blockchain financial technology.
On March 20, 2020, BBO official released BBO TOKEN Phase 1 which attracted a lot of attention from customers. The release of the BBO TOKEN cryptocurrency is a breakthrough of BBonus helping the technology to advance to a higher level. BBO TOKEN is digitized similar to the traditional paper currency. 

Board of Director of BBONUS.

With the release of BBO TOKEN, BBonus is preparing to launch The BBO Token Blockhain Asset Management Packages. There are 7 Packages of the project that you can freely choose to suit your economic needs including: $ 300, $ 500, $ 1,000, $ 3,000, $ 5,000, $ 10,000, and $ 25,000 respectively to  BASIC, NETWORKER, BUSINESS, TRADER, PRO TRADER, POOL, and VIP levels.
When participating, the ladder profit you earned for your daily deposit profit increasing by 8% will be fixed throughout the deposit period with 180 days. After 6 months, customers is not only get their payback but also earn a stable profit of 2-8%/month and a double profit from BBO Token.

With Double Profit, when customers participate in the BBO Token Asset Management Package, the amount of USDT is fixed for each package, only the BBO Token is variable. The BBO Token price is changed in each period so that after the expriation of the deposit term, customers can sell Token with a outstanding price through the ICO roadmap of BBO Token. 

The strategy of BBonus is that customer participate in the Package in USDT and converted to BBO TOKEN at the time of participation, the initial refund is equal to the number of BBO TOKEN you have joined. The interest is also paid in BBO TOKEN so it will benefit from the appreciation of the BBO TOKEN. Besides, BBonus also offers many super attractive promotions for customers.
With BBO TOKEN Asset Management packages, an intensive technical team has established a comprehensive multi-dimensional risk control system from users, capital, systems and risk control from many sides. BBonus provide a smooth, convenient, safe and secure experiences for users and partners. You can easily manage assets with simple operations and track your profits with just a smartphone.
We hope that in the future, BBO with infinite potential will bring more brilliant achievements to customers and the blockchain industry will also grow stronger and stronger.

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